meet sonny

From the twinkle in his eye to the firm handshake, it is easy to see that Sonny Burgess is a true traditional country artist with a heart as big as his home state of Texas.

Burgess is a CMA Artist Winner, and a Texas Country Music Hall of Famer. His discography of four releases has scored 11 top 10’s in the Texas Country Music Charts. Career highlights include hosting the Nashville Fan Fair/CMA Music Fest along with the International Music Awards, making several appearances on the Grand Ole Opry and walking the red carpet at The American Country Music Awards. In addition he has played three times for former President George W. Bush during his campaign trail (twice in Iowa and once in Ohio). He's built his career in Texas and Tennessee bringing inevitable good lessons hard earned. Standing here today, Sonny demonstrates that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

Not to be confused with the first-generation rockabilly singer of the same name, Burgess stays true to his traditional Country roots building a catalog of albums  which includes four stellar releases: When In Texas, Stronger, Have You Got A Song Like That and  All About The Ride. The constant flow of hit singles from these releases include "Cowboy Cool," "The More I'm Around Some People (The More I Like My Dog," "Jesus and Bartenders," "When In Texas," "Little Bit Stronger," "She Don't Make It Easy, "All Kinds Of Beautiful" and "Dang Good Thing".

After many miles of touring as a solo artist, Burgess' found himself coming together on the same  music path with fellow Country artist Jolie Holliday. It quickly made sense to join forces as a duo act with love and marriage to follow. Fans must agree as the dynamic duo known as Jolie & Sonny continues to work 200+ shows a year. For more information visit jolieandsonny.com

When not touring, they find inspiration in working with children at Fort Worth's Cook Children's Hospital. Burgess spends his time there as full time director of clinical programming, helping patients to record music and audio for their families in Cook's ChildLife Zone.  “We teach ‘em guitar and [how to] write songs. Some of these doctors are sharing [that] these kids are actually taking less pain medication when they’re doing music,” Burgess said. “Unfortunately, if they do pass, we have something for the family, some closure hopefully for them, something for them to go back to. It’s amazing what music does.”